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Lady Lee  / Oscar Bettendorff (Everlasting Friend )  Read >>
Lady Lee  / Oscar Bettendorff (Everlasting Friend )

How sad it was for me to learn of Lee's passing. I want to thank Donald Marshall for inercepting my Christmas greeting letter to Lee, otherwise I would be thinking why I did not receive a Christmas greeting from her. Also, I appreciate the opportunity to view Lee's Memorial Website. I had a wonderful time knowing Lee in the early fifties and again for the last five-six years. The website did a wonderful job in providing information about Lee during the roughly fifty year gap.

After being in the Army and the Air Force for three years and four years in college, I had arrived in the Bay Area in 1951 eager to pursue an electronic engineering career with HP in Palo Alto. I can't remember how but by chance I found Stan Thompson living in San Francisco. Stan and I both attended Cal Poly and at that time we were both avid skiers. It was Stan who had introduced me to two lovely ladies, Lee and Helen who were living on Fulton Street in SF. Like Lee, I was a New Yorker myself, she from a big city (Rochester) and I from a small village in the far northern part of the state.

I quickly learned that Lee loved nature and outdoor activities as much as I did. Before long, Stan, Helen, Lee and myself started having wonderful weekend camping trips in the Sierras. Our first campout was along the Stanislaus River near Sonora Pass. I believe these experiences encouraged me in later life to backpack hundreds of miles in the High Sierra. Also we had fun time enjoying the ocean at such places as Pedro Point and Point Lobos near Carmel. The attraction of the ocean led me to fish in the Pacific Ocean from British Columbia, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, and also out from Pillar Point.

I did not know that Lee appreciated opera/symphony performances. The popular music we had enjoyed were the New York Broadway musical shows performed at the Geary Theater in SF. We had tried to see every new available production.

Then it happened for us to drift in different directions. Lee had received her teaching credentials and had moved to Monterey to beging her teaching career

About 2001, I had made a trip to visit with my son John who was living in San Jose (now SF). Just for curiosity I had looked in the local telephone book and found Stan and Helen were living in Saratoga. The result was a wonderful visit with them and they had provided me Lee's phone number and address. I called Lee and received her high thrilled voice after I gave her my name. How wonderful it was to hear her voice again after so many years. The same old Lee. It didn't take me too long to get to her place in Menlo Park. I had with me my laptop computer containing all of my worldly images including images of our camping trips and the picnics along the ocean shores.

Since that time we would correspond every Christmas. Once again last May (07) I went to see my son and asked if he would drive me to see Lee. This time Lee would make her fashionable digging remarks about me and my son was enjoying them tremendously. The nicest part of our get together was when John and I were leaving. With a surprise move Lee gave me a very nice hug followed with a very wonderfull kiss. Looking back now - I wondered if she knew that this would be the last time we would see each other again. In hree months she was gone.

I had thought that she would become a sweet little old lady well into her nineties. She left too early. The three of the foursome - Stan, Helen, Lee - are now gone. But I still have  the wonderful memories and to back them up,I have the images in my computer.

                            Lee is my "Unforgttable Lady"

                                                                        OAB, Clarkston,WA




To Lee and Family, with love always  / Christine Weingart (Cuddeback) (Alice's Granddaughter )  Read >>
To Lee and Family, with love always  / Christine Weingart (Cuddeback) (Alice's Granddaughter )

I am so upset to hear of Lee's passing. She was a very artistic, creative woman, with a heart of gold.  I can still remember my family's visit to San Francisco and Lee took us to a baseball game and to visit the famous Alcatraz Prison.  Definately one of my best memories.

Lee was very close to my Grandma Alice who passed away in May this year and a was a very important member in our family. I wish my husband could have met her.  She was always full of life, outspoken, opinionated and one of a kind. 

I send my sincere sympathies to Jean and all of the family.  If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Love always,

Christine (Cuddeback) Weingart

A special person  / Kim Marshall (Great niece )  Read >>
A special person  / Kim Marshall (Great niece )

Troy and I decided to give our little Mikayla the middle name "Leigh" because we felt that Aunt Lee was such a wonderful role-model.  She cared so much about others.  She lived an exciting life.  She always made you feel special.  (Our daughters always looked forward to the birthday gifts she sent them).  We always enjoyed listening to the stories about her life.  She accomplished so much.  Her legacy will live on in her grand-nieces and nephews.  Thank you so much Aunt Lee for touching our lives.
Kim and Troy Marshall

Finally writing you a letter  / Margaret Schmidt (Maslyn) (Goddaughter)  Read >>
Finally writing you a letter  / Margaret Schmidt (Maslyn) (Goddaughter)
Dear Lee, You sent me stationery so I would write more often and I only used one page & one envelope so I thought I had better write you this letter.
I have only really gotten to know you since my mother died in 1995. You were the window that opened the door that closed on my mother. You could tell me about her. You were the only one left who could answer my questions about those times in the 1930's & 40's.
You were the only one who understood the Rochester way of trading insults as sign of affection. And we did lots of that on my visits to Menlo Park. Especially I chided you for neglecting my spiritual life ( you were my Godmother after all!) for so many years. It was our standing joke.
You welcomed and accepted me in a way I have scarcely experienced in my life. Your home & Jean's became a haven for me and a launching point for wonderful art, music, theater, and food.
But most important of all was getting to know you and seeing what a wonderfully good and actively caring person you were. You became a role model for me. I wondered at your goodness that was so perfectly spiced with your wry wit and humor. Your simple humility.
I miss you and will miss you and my heart contracts everytime I think of you not being there cutting up vegetables in the kitchen or scolding Jean for not taking her pills. I will never see again the ancient iron that never works nor take long walks with you in Golden Gate park nor be able to brew up a pot of Zumtobel Kaffee for you.
I am so glad I came in March for such a long visit and so glad you called me a couple of weeks ago and I could rave about Rochester White hots. How could I imagine it would be the last time.

I love you Lee. Thank God for the time I have known you. This is my last letter and I know you will read it and know that I am full of thoughts of you and full of sadness - but I know you are up there trading insults with angels.
Give my love to the wonderful Jean and prayers too.
Margaret Close
You were a very special person to more than you knew  / Patricia M. Dallam (Friend for 55 years )  Read >>
You were a very special person to more than you knew  / Patricia M. Dallam (Friend for 55 years )
You were my first piano teacher and I remember you since then. I have in front of me a little ceramic bear that you gave me. I kept it because you wrote a poem on a long ribbon around it's neck. I am glad that I showed it to you a few years ago and you were touched that I still had it. You were so often at family dinners and special occasions that we felt you were a part of our family. When I think of you it is always with a smile. I am so glad that you were in my life. Pat Close
TO THE FAMILY OF LEE'S  / Jenny Apodaca (Marshall's In Laws )  Read >>
TO THE FAMILY OF LEE'S  / Jenny Apodaca (Marshall's In Laws )



SINCERELY,            Close
Fond memories  / Michele Busque (friend)  Read >>
Fond memories  / Michele Busque (friend)
Lee was a longtime friend & neighbor of my grandmother and I have many fond memories of her. She was a  warm, kind hearted person. I was saddened to hear of her passing. Close
Differences made our relationship special  / Johnny Smith (Tammy Smith's husband )  Read >>
Differences made our relationship special  / Johnny Smith (Tammy Smith's husband )
Aunt Lee was in so many ways, completely different than me. She was a staunch Democrat, I’m Republican. She loved the Arts and opera and I thought such endeavors was such a waste of time. She took me to see an opera and often to Stern Grove. We moved from the Bay Area and I had finally escaped Aunt Lee’s attempts to refine me, bring culture into this redneck’s life. Yet, it was those differences and the playful banter that went along with our differences that I will miss most.

Aunt Lee accepted me into the family and while my political views and lack of culture caused her to believe I was not good enough for her niece Tammy, she nevertheless accepted me and my differences. But she was that type of person. One who would look beyond the differences and love the individual.

There was such joy in being around Aunt Lee, a person so full of life that even though she was much older than I, she would walk circles around me. She had so much energy and passion for life and others that I could not help but feel uplifted whenever around her.

I have been blessed by being around both Aunt Lee and Jean and have been influenced by both. You both have been an instrument of God’s love for mankind because you both lived that type of life everyday.

Aunt Lee, I will miss you and will cherish the memories but fortunately, you will live on within each of our hearts and you will be present whenever I am fortunate enough to visit with Jean.

God, please grant your servant, Aunt Lee, a joyful eternity.


Johnny Smith Close
Your smile will be missed  / Lana Travao (Smith) (great niece )  Read >>
Your smile will be missed  / Lana Travao (Smith) (great niece )

When I was younger my mom (Tammy) would let me stay at Aunt Lee and Aunt Jeans house. They would take me swimming for quarters in the pool. Then we would have ice cream sundays on the porch and listened to the train go by here and there. 

The thing that I will always remember most is reading "The Boxcart Children" books. Aunt Lee was Henry and I was Violet. I also remember the time they took me to the opera. It was great. I sat with Aunt Lee for a little bit then I went down and sat with Aunt Jean. They never sat together. 

Aunt Lee (Henry), I will forever miss your smile and birthday cards. You were not just an Aunt you were a much much more. More then you will ever know. You made my life great!!!!! I am such a better person because of you. You have taught me so much about life. What it is like to live. To be in the moment. I thank you for that and will be forever thankful. 

Love with all my heart,

To Lee, With Love  / Sandy (Romashko) Herry (cousin)  Read >>
To Lee, With Love  / Sandy (Romashko) Herry (cousin)
My father, Walter Romashko, was Lee's cousin.  Dad was very close to Lee, (both in age and personally).  I came to know her as a young girl in Rochester.  Her father, Simon (or Uncle Sam as I knew him) was a brother to my grandfather, Joseph Romashko.  The two of them, along with 3 other brothers came to the USA from Russia around the time of the Russian Revolution.

My family and I want to send our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Jean, Don and Gloria, Tammy and Johnny, Jim and Karen, their families and to all of Lee's friends.

I will always remember the wonderful hospitality given to me, my husband, Cale, and our 3 children by both Lee and Jean on several visits we made to California.  Your warm smile and great sense of humor will be missed by all of us in New York and elsewhere.  Thanks for all the joy you brought to our family.  We love you! Close
She will be remembered by all who knew her  / Don Marshall (Nephew)  Read >>
She will be remembered by all who knew her  / Don Marshall (Nephew)
Lee passed away unexpectedly on August 3, 2007 at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, CA.  More will follow. Close
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